Everything is amazing at We R Nuts! Even flavors I could never fathom enjoying, I find myself taking seconds and third bites! Me and my girlfriend have traveled to a ton of different festivals, carnivals, farmers markets, ext... and We R Nuts BY FAR have the best flavor and options around! Big fan and will be hunting them down everywhere they go!

Anthony GFacebook Review

You know that afternoon crash most of us experience at work each day? We R Nuts gets me through that slump. Instead of drinking yet another cup of coffee, I grab a few handfuls of whatever flavor I'm into that particular week and I'm back in action. Definitely a snack drawer essential in my office!

Tori FFacebook Review

I just bought the strawberry cheesecake, the black raspberry, and the white chocolate almonds. They are freakin' amazing!! So yummy!!

Tia NFacebook Review